You are the earth.

Mankind is draining your power with pollution from cities and power plants.
Lucky for you this allows you to attack them with disasters to slow them down...

 How to play

  • Choose the disaster type by clicking on its symbol
  • You need to have enough pollution points to spawn a disaster
  • Avoid destroying windmills as they are the only buildings with a positive effect

**Survive as long as you can.**

Made for Ludum Dare 39 game jam by

  • Philip Schmidt
  • Marian Thull

Many thanks to ZapSplat for all sound effects and the music track.

Install instructions

Download Extincti.exe for Windows or Extincti.jar for other platforms.

Needs Java JRE to run.


Extincti.exe 17 MB
Extincti.jar 16 MB

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