Tired of waiting for the right game? Try this, our new action-laden dish-collecting game!  You are the waiter in a renowned restaurant, and you want to keept everything nice and clean. Easy task, huh? 

The evening starts off nice and calm, the piano is playing softly, the sound of gentle conversation floods the air, and the food, the food, oh, it tastes so good! Who could resist paying a visit?
Well, turns out, nobody could. And that is a problem. EVERYBODY COMES ALL AT ONCE! And then, hell breaks loose. You will have to satisfy your customers, get screamed at by your nasty restaurant manager, all while balancing an astonishingly high pillar of dirty dishes through the whole restaurant, at speeds never deemed possible by humankind! 

Move with WASD, balance your dishes with left/right arrow,  Pick up dishes/drop them at the kitchen with arrow up, and have lots of fun. 

And don't upset your manager, I told you.

Music composed by Hong Linh Thai and koucha123.

All other sound effects obtained from zapsplat.com.


DishRushDesktop.jar 17 MB

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